Tooth pain after filling

After receiving a filling, it’s normal to experience discomfort and a mild ache in the tooth for a few days or weeks following the procedure. It’s especially common to experience sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to sweets, air flow, cold or hot temperatures, or pressure. A throbbing sensation may also be experienced. Avoiding these stimulants that trigger additional pain is usually enough, and over-the-counter medications are rarely required to alleviate the pain.

Experiencing tooth pain after filling is generally resolved within a few days or between 1 to 2 weeks and shouldn’t require any additional treatment; however, if you experience excruciating pain, or if it lasts for several weeks after the procedure has been performed, you need to contact your dentist. This excessive pain could be an indication that there is a problem either with the tooth or the filling.

Cause of Short Term Pain after Filling:

The most frequent feeling of pain and sensitivity after receiving a dental filling is an uncomfortable irritation. High speed drills and laser equipment are used to prepare the tooth and remove decay. This can cause a degree of thermal irritation of the nerves and pulp tissue surrounding the tooth. The tooth may remain sensitive to exterior stimuli for a few days.

An additional factor causing temporary tooth pain after filling is associated with the silver amalgam filling substances. The pain can become enhanced because the filling substance is metallic, and it can conduct cold or hot from the mouth to the pulp rather easily, enhancing the painful sensation. Colored compound fillings provide enhanced insulation of the tooth and can greatly reduce sensitivity. This condition generally improves within a few days, but it has been known to last up to two to three weeks.

Whatever your case might be, the health of you teeth is extremely important, and if you’re experiencing tooth pain in any form, it is a sign that you’re teeth might be experiencing decay in one form or other. This is why regular check ups at the dentist are extremely important. When you neglect your teeth, you leave yourself much more susceptible to mouth problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and more. So do yourself a favor and keep a daily routine of oral hygeine, as it will always pay off in the long run.

Relieving Tooth Pain after Filling:

Although tooth pain is generally relatively mild, if the pain persists then try the following:

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