What does a hernia feel like

Sometimes a rupture can occur in the walls of the stomach; which is referred to as a hernia. The question is, how does this rupture occur ? The following information will explain how a hernia is caused. Our abdominal walls are made up of muscles and tendons. In the case of a rupture, we observe that the intestines start to push through the wall of the abdomen. The pressure of the intestines on the abdominal wall causes the abdominal muscles to stretch past the point of comfort. The discomfort is experienced because of this intestinal protrusion, creating a bulge.

When one wakes up in the morning, the bulge seems less noticeable but will increase in size as you go through the day, and participate in daily activities. Enlargement occurs depending on how much one exerts themselves and which activities they partake throughout the course of the day. A doctor may conduct a test called the cough impulse examination where the patient is asked to cough. Coughing can cause the bulge to increase in size which makes it easier for the doctor to detect it and determine its size. The bulge from a hernia can range in size from a barely noticeable swelling to a football sized circular protrusion.

Symptoms of Hernia

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